I once had a sugar daddy that was bang jealous and dramatic. He never entertained me when I went out to fall in love with boys of my age. I could not afford to maintain relationships with any boyfriend. I don’t know how he used to find out. Whenever he did, he would cause drama or threaten to cut his financial support if I kept on seeing the boys. This was offbeat, unlike sugar daddies’ natures. It wasn’t what I thought I would find in our relationship.

I raved in the anticipation of an open relationship devoid of emotional commitments. I had read, heard and watched sugar mammy and sponsor stories. They never got emotionally entangled with their sugar boys and slay queens. All they wanted was intimacy and the company. In the exchange, they would financially pamper the boy or the girl. Sometimes, I had heard, sugar daddies were sufficiently philanthropic to the extent that they gave their sugar girls money and time to spend on their boyfriends. He was the exact opposite. His degree of jealousy sometimes made him volatile and emotionally violent. Sometimes bang childish and act like a teenage jilted lover experiencing a heartbreak for the first time ever.

One day, two months after we started our symbiotic relationship, he took me out of my Lumumba Drive one-bedroom on a shopping spree in TRM’s Carrefour. The shopping was smooth. I was pushing the trolley, while he picked all that I asked for.

Well, until a young lad appeared in one of our shopping rows. He was dressed in a generous khaki shorts, white tshirt with a denim and vans. He appeared on almost every row that we moved into. And each time he appeared on our row, I would stop to stare and admire. My lust kinda infuriated my Sugar daddy. He pulled me aside with an incensed face like a father would pull a rogue kid in a supermarket and said ‘We are leaving!’ He stormed out of the mall as I returned the goods we had picked and I followed him in his BMW.

He was still mad and refused to talk to me for three minutes. I serenade my conversation with sweet words, ‘Sweetheart, my love et al. They promptly elevated his spirit to finally engage me in a conversation. He asked me outrightly if I liked the young man. I denied, harder than Peter the disciple. ‘Just be honest, I know I am too old for your love and I will understand if you crave the warmth of younger skin.’ I stood my ground and lied to him that his age was just a number and that I loved him nevertheless.

He leaned towards me and showed me his phone photos when he was younger and asked for my thoughts. Damn he used to be handsome but age had wiped his youth away. Still, I was forced to lie to him that even at his advanced age, he still maintained and looked charming. This, was to win his favor back. In the end, at the end of my complimentary lies, he took me to Garden City Mall to shop.

I was prety sure the relationship could not last I was there for the support help. Am back on track and cheerfully married to one masculine & charming man of my age group.



We all have had that dream to get admitted to campus/college with a mindset that it’s going to be fun through the years but it may be a hell of life depending on how one takes it.

During the 1st year, you don’t get to choose whom to share a room with. This ends up with indifferences from upbringing, beliefs and even disagreements on what to cook and who will do the dishes. After few months in Hostel one will choose to move into a rental where they even end up skipping some meals. Going at “Kwa mathe” where stomach affairs are at a pocket friendly price. The roommates are the ultimate propellers of peer pressure.

Students go through alot, from missing marks, insecurities, high fees to Sexually Transmitted Degrees. Those not keen are introduced to drugs, life of partying and results to slowly receiving supplementaly exams.

The society within deem students as rogues, purporting that the students are never serious with their life.What people don’t understand is that these youths need a helping hand in terms of role models and support both emotionally, financially sometimes even physically.



Marriage is the foundation of culture. If you destroy marriage, you destroy the culture. If you destroy the relationship between husband and wife, you will destroy the moral and spiritual formation of children.

The Left knows this. It’s why their beliefs and policies promote the destruction of marriage and family: it allows them to mold children to fit their warped view of society & better usher in their Marxist hellscape.

End no fault divorce.
Ban pornography.
Celebrate traditional marriage.
Denounce fornication and adultery.
Institute economic policies that enable the common man to purchase a home and support a family on a single income.


We all have been into a breakup and this is my summary story.

I thought that he was someone who would do me right but I got it all wrong. I saw a jubilant alive ending now turned to a modern unfairly tale. He played with my emotions and made me finish a box of tissue mopping up the tears trying to get over it. Spent the whole night reminiscing wonderful moments we had together and how he made me feel crazy.

All this time I felt like I knew him and what he wouldn’t do to hurt me. Apparently, I feel so foolish for ignoring the red flags to our unclear future, for having to wait the time he disappeared and went off grid. The relationship was shattered by something so stupid and he made me feel that it was my fault. At that point I was angry, I made wrong decisions towards my life and I don’t wanna go into those options.

Am not new to heartbreak but in this episode the let go part for me was extremely irksome and how he tried to say sorry after breaking my heart. Here I sit trying not to cry, asking myself why he did this to me.

I just want to be wanted. I am in pain. I could use a little love sometimes. I need someone to say to my face “I love you” and mean it. I just need to be needed. Like to know I’m closing someone’s mind. I don’t wanna fall in love if they ain’t trying. I just want to be someone somebody needs.

The point is, breakups, whether they are with a friend or a lover, are seriously rough stuff. I think we all need a merry ending after all heartbreaks we’ve been into, to remind us love is not completely dead. But wow, can it be brutal.


We openly talk about sex and sex education on various social media platforms, same way it’s high time we openly talk about safe abortion. This topic is debated among various groups of people.

Let’s #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory
We can’t shy away from talking about abortion and pretend it’s not happening while deep down we know it is and many women and girls are losing their lives, because they result to unsafe methods as abortion is illegal.

Time to provide accurate information on safe abortion is now and create more awareness on legal provisions for abortion so as to save lives of our girls and women who are majorly affected by this. 

Due to stigma information on safe abortion is not always shared freely and ignorance is rampant. Women who need abortion are also under pressure to keep it secret, increasing the pressure to turn to unqualified persons in unsafe environment.


Well, when Congress is half women, then I’ll be concerned about males. There are numerous initiatives worldwide seeking to empower the girl child and women as a whole while the boy child, son, brother and man are  less privileged.

It is high time we reversed this trend otherwise the boy child and consequently the men will be an endangered species,though not, girl child in turn is rapidly suffocating the boy child.

Dear brothers, if you are not careful, you will be sponsoring peoples who are investing while you remain poor. These ladies of nowadays are using their money to buy plots and lands building houses, investing in stock. They have long term insurance policies, they are investing in business and you will be sponsoring their nails, hair, pizzas, fuel, birthdays, etc.t goes to serious investment. 

Meanwhile you cannot even buy a plot. You have no investment to your name. They will finish your money that you struggled to get and when they get their own salaries, it goes to serious investment. 

Do you not always wonder how come she works but she is always broke, always asking you for a little money for hair, she is  actually not lying, she is actually broke. She just bought cement and paid other building expenses. 

We do not need to remove every obstacle from boys lives or rescue them from everything hard. Our boys need to understand what it is to work hard, face troubles and deal with adversity. Of course, we can support them, encourage them and pray for them but we must let them face real life. However, I am deeply concerned about a generation of very lazy, carefree young men who are not taking up the mantle and providing for their families.

 We love you as a person, as an individual and as God’s perfect creation.

We love you, period!


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Finding out what you’re passionate about can be frustrating. From when you are 18 until you are around 25, you will probably go round in circles trying to figure out who you are. Everybody talks about how they love what they do and how one of the greatest keys to success is to find your passions, then follow them. So how exactly do you find your passion? Here are a few exercises I spotted on that I had to share.


  • Make a list of anything you remember enjoying as a child.
  • Think about whether you would enjoy it now.
  • What can be translated and added into your life now?
  • How can the things you loved doing shape your career choices.

I for one remember how to loved to work with my hands. I liked to make mud cakes, and shapes intricate worlds with plasticine. I also liked to draw. Today, I can confidently say I am passionate about art and I love a fun DIY project. I hope to one day selling a painting for KES 100,000… right now, I’m just working on that.


  • Get a poster board or cardboard box.
  • Put the words “My New Business” on it
  • Create a collage of images, articles, quotes even poems… basically anything that inspires you to work towards something.

When you surround yourself with images of where you want to be, who you want to become or what you want to create, your awareness and passion for it will grow. As you continue to collect parts for your vision board, you’ll start to notice anything missing and figure out ways to fill the blanks.


  • Study people who have been successful in what you are interested in pursuing.
  • Take note of people who have been resilient while other people in the same field gave up.

Study them and figure out how they remain successful.


  • Do what you love, even if you haven’t figured out how to monetize it.
  • Test what it might be like to work in an area you’re passionate about.
  • Build your business netwrork as you go along.
  • Ask for feedback. It will help you create a proper plan.

Just start. If you don’t do it now, you never will. You don’t have to have something well structured. You don’t have to have investors or a huge client list already.

Now go-forth and conquer your fears, whatever they may be. You can make the best out of your situation, as long as you identify who you are and ways to utilise your gifts for your advantage.